Jinya Zhao Bio:


Born and raised in China, Jinya Zhao discovered a passion for glass whilst studying for a BA at the China Academy of Art (2013-17) and MA at the Royal College of Art in UK(2017-19). In 2019, Jinya was invited to do an Artist-in-Residence in Southern Illinois University in USA. Jinya backed to RCA for her research degree MRes in 2020, and will start her PhD at RCA in 2021 fall.

Jinya sees glass as an ideal medium to explore the themes of environment, emotions and personal experiences. Her work has been collected by museums such as Ulster Museum, Southern Illinois University and Prague Gallery of Czech Glass, and exhibited internationally.



Jinya Zhao Statement:

‘Non-existent Existence’


Jinya’s work spans sculpture, installation and design.

In her current collection she has created a body of new work, using different glass qualities, colours and structures in order to explore the unfinished narrative of artwork through the creation of atmospheric phenomena within glass blowing. She aims to explore, within blown glass, how we perceive atmospheric phenomena in order to produce a body of work that examines and challenges the boundaries of artwork.


To this end Jinya aims to evoke the ‘non-existent existence’.